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State of Water Emergency

SITUATION: The pump in the Arapahoe well is failing and requires replacement and repairs. It is currently operating at a very reduced level that has lessened over the last two weeks. It is now not sufficient to keep our tank full. The tank is currently approximately half full. If we continue our normal usage with no new water input, we will run out of water in two days. That is why we are asking you to conserve water, particularly outdoor usage for watering lawns, gardens, washing cars, etc.

For Details Please see Board of Directors Letter to Our Customers.

The Forest View Acres Water District is a Colorado Special District established in 1957. To review the map of the district, please visit the District Map.

The District's mission is to deliver clean, safe water to its residents. It provides water system infrastructure and facilities and is responsible for maintainance, repair and improvement of the system.

From the initial provision of water to 27 homes, the District currently provides water service to more than 300 residences in the Red Rocks Ranch, Clovenhoof, Villas, Sundance Estates, and Shiloh Pines neighborhoods in unincorporated El Paso County.

This website contains information about the district, the district Board of Directors, district management, and district water operations.

Board Announcements

The board will have its regular 2024 meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6pm. The meetings will be held at 130 2nd Street, Monument, CO 80132.


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