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Water System

Forest View Acres Water District’s surface water source is in Limbaugh canyon. Surface water is susceptible to many forms of contaminants, such as bacteria, pesticides, industrial waste, algae and other organic materials. Surface water must be treated to meet the state and federal regulations for potable water. Forest View Acres Water District filters and treats its surface water at their Surface Treatment Plant before sending it to their storage tank.

The District currently maintains one well that pumps water from the Arapahoe aquifer. This well is about 1,250 feet deep and produces volumes between 90 to 100 gallons per minute. The water from the Arapahoe well is treated at the Arapahoe Well Plant before being pumped to the District’s storage tank).

The Forest View Acres Water District has a second, undeveloped well into the Dawson aquifer. This well is about 740 feet deep and, when last tested in 2007, produced 40 gallons of water per minute. It is currently not in use.

The water is distributed to your homes in about 12 miles of pipelines of various sizes and materials supported by one 250,000 gallon storage tank. The system serves more than 300 residential taps and 1,000 people in the District.

The District's water usage is about 20 million gallons a year.

Less than 5% of indoor water usage and less than 1% of all water in public water systems is used for drinking and cooking. Varied estimates put the average indoor water use per person between 60 and 100 gallons per day.